Eliot + Airbnb

We found a new home! We're very excited to announce that we are joining Airbnb. This will allow us to continue our work unlocking more hosting and travel opportunities around the world. We will soon no longer offer our current applications. If you're part of our community and have questions, reach out to us. We'd like to sincerely thank all friends, hosts and travelers who supported us through this amazing endeavor.


Avatar male Eliot helps you rent your home at the right time when prices are surging, and tells you where to get away when prices are low enough that you can travel "for free". We developped an AI that automatically detects abritrage opportunities to offset the cost of travel.
Imagine a world where you could swap your place with virtually any hotel room or rental... That's the world we are building.



We’re a team of Stanford data scientists and entrepreneurs based in Menlo Park, CA. We’re passionate about travel and real-estate and want to help homeowners or renters travel more and make money when they're away from home. Eliot is an A.I. mining and learning from billions of travel and real-estate data points. Eliot priced 500M properties.

How does your pricing model work?

Eliot’s Artificial Intelligence determines short-term rental estimates for a home based on a range of publicly available information as well as user feedback. Eliot’s estimate is a starting point in determining a home’s short-term rental value. Eliot also mines event datasets and user generated content to determine precise local price surge timing. The accuracy of the Estimate varies by location depending on how much information is publicly available. Estimates have fair to high accuracy levels for over 500 million homes around the world, including 100+ million properties in the United States and millions of price surge events.

What's your favorite estimate?

The white house. I don't think it's for rent though.

Does eliot work everywhere?

Yes, Eliot, Inc is a global company with coverage in over 100 countries and the largest property level estimate database. Our estimates are available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese and most currencies. Our travel portal is currently available in english only.


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What people are saying us.

Avatar male The tool isn’t just a fit for potential hosts. Business travelers looking to plan a trip can check if a unit is overpriced. It could also help them save money or hassle by traveling around busy seasons that might not always be obvious, especially when travelling to smaller cities across the country.

Avatar male You don't want to scare anyone away by charging an outlandish nightly fee, but you'd still like to recoup some kind of payment for letting a stranger sleep in your bed. Well, that mental rigamarole can be put to rest by this incredibly useful Airbnb rent calculator called the Eliot & Me Estimator.

Avatar male The Eliot & Me Estimator is a handy web-based tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the most suitable short-term renting price for your Airbnb listings.

Avatar male The best part? It’s completely free, because its number one goal is to help you get a fair price on your property. And on the contrary, if you’re a traveller, you’ll now know whether you’re getting a good deal or not. This is what you call a win, win.

Avatar male You can triangulate against other Airbnb calculators, but the Eliot & Me Estimator provides the most robust results we’ve seen.

Avatar male If you’ve been mulling over the idea of joining the home sharing service, but want to know if the money is really worth it, the data scientists at Eliot & Me have the perfect tool for you.

Avatar male For my bedroom in Brooklyn, I get an estimate of $60 to $71 a night, depending whether the room sleeps two or three people. I’ve previously rented it out for $65 to $75, so that seems pretty accurate.

Avatar male It awakens your thirst for travel by suggesting where you could travel to for free after renting your place for just 1 week.

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In Sweden

Avatar male Den kanske roligaste funktionen på tjänsten är den som visar hur många nätter man skulle kunna hyra via Airbnb på andra ställen i världen om man väljer att hyra ut sin bostad för det föreslagna priset.

In Spain

Avatar male Seguro que tienes algún vecino que alquila su casa por días. Si tú también te lo estás pensando, esto te va interesar, y mucho

Avatar male Eliot&me no solo responde a la pregunta de cuánto dinero podrías conseguir con tu vivienda, sino que recomienda en qué temporada es más rentable según los evento e incluso el tiempo atmosférico. Como colofón, y rescatando el concepto de economía colaborativa con el que se creó, la plataforma sugiere en un mapamundi cuántos días te podrías alojar en diversos destinos con lo obtenido por alquilar tu vivienda una semana.

DOLORES GÓMEZ Madrid abc.es

Avatar male Una web con acceso a los datos del portal Airbnb permite estimar, a partir de los datos de tu vivienda, lo que se puede ganar diariamente o semanalmente.

Avatar male La calle, el número de habitaciones y baños o la cantidad de personas que quieres alquilarla son algunos de los baremos que utiliza la web para calcular el precio.

In Italy

Avatar male Eliot & Me Estimator è una piatatforma gratuita online che consente di stimare le tariffe di affitto e scoprire luoghi e momenti migliori per andare in vacanza.

In Argentina

Avatar male Un simulador ofrece resultados orientativos para estimar el dinero que se podría obtener al alquilar un inmueble en el sitio

In Ireland

Avatar male The app will also show you a separate list of rates for your place throughout the year, taking into account specific dates like St. Patricks day, Christmas as well as changing weather and historical trends.

In the Netherland

Avatar male Zo weet je precies wat jouw huis waard is op AirbnbWeten hoeveel je mag vragen voor een nachtje? Hier bereken je het.

Avatar male Deze tool rekent uit hoeveel geld jij krijgt als jij je huis verhuurt via Airbnb.

In Greece

Avatar male Υπηρεσία προτείνει στον ιδιοκτήτη την καλύτερη τιμή ενοικίασης ενός σπιτιού στο Airbnb

In Turkey

Avatar male Eliot&me: Airbnb’den evinizi kiralarsanız ne kadar kazanırsınız?

In China

Avatar male Eliot用简约完美的用户体验,做租房和出游市场的“先知”

In Brazil

Avatar male O algoritmo criado por uma startup norte-americana faz todas as contas para você

In Portugal

Avatar male Serve para anunciar no Airbnb ou em qualquer outra plataforma de aluguer de casa por noite.

In the Czeck Republic

Avatar male Tento nástroj vám řekne, za kolik byste měli v jaké lokalitě pronajímat svůj byt na Airbnb

In Croatia

Avatar male Algoritam dana: Koliko se može zaraditi iznajmljivanjem preko Airbnb