Eliot + Airbnb

We found a new home! We're very excited to announce that we are joining Airbnb. This will allow us to continue our work unlocking more hosting and travel opportunities around the world. We will soon no longer offer our current applications. If you're part of our community and have questions, reach out to us. We'd like to sincerely thank all friends, hosts and travelers who supported us through this amazing endeavor.

How it works?

1 Eliot estimates your home value for sites like Airbnb.

Our A.I. priced 500 million properties around the world.

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2 Eliot detects price surge events & dates for your home.

Prices spike often. Eliot tells you when to rent your home.

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3 Eliot tells you where to stay "for free" during those dates.

Destinations, hotels and vacation rentals where you can offset the booking cost and travel "for free".

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